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We hear so many people comment that they'll just get their business cards on line because it's so much cheaper. We did some comparisons with a very popular on-line site that advertises all the time on TV and this is what we found:

"Basic" business card - the paper is very thin so you upgrade to their "Premium" stock. They recommend 500 for $30 - ok, not a bad price.

What? You want one side glossy?

                   Oh, that's a small upcharge.

And you want back copy?

                   That'll be an additonal $16.

Now you get to choose from lots of designs that thousands of other people have chosen before you.

You want to add your logo? Upcharge - so you decide not to. (You've just decided not to add something that completely defines your brand)

You've now put together a card that many other people have also done - the only difference is that it's your name and info and not theirs.

Now you get to pay for shipping which starts at $8.99 for a 10 day delivery.


What? you need it in 6 days?

                   Well, that will be $29.99 for shipping.

The end result is that you have a card that looks like someone else's and you've paid $75.99 for 500 cards.


You receive your cards and - WOOPS - when you were typing your information in, you misspelled something and got too close to the edge so part of your phone number got cut off.


Now you have 500 cards that you've spent almost $80 on that are going right in your garbage, or when you hand them out you can just explain to people why there's a misspelling and your phone number is cut off.


Oh well..... it's so much cheaper to do it on line - right?

Our standard paper is the same as their "premium". Our price includes both sides of the card and your choice of gloss on 1 or both sides for $47.00 and once your custom, unique design is approved by you, you will have them in about 5 business days.

Graphic design charges are extra, however our designer will work with you to create a card that is unique to you... no one else will have this design. We don't use "templates" or "cookie-cutter" designs. Your design is just that - YOURS. Plus, that unique design can now be transferred to flyers, signs, T-shirts, whatever you need us to do.

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